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Related article: Brooke Chapter 1 Brooke began a long day. I knew I had a problem, but they did not want to see how it could be resolved. Her problem: she was hot throughout the bad times. She had told any of them, and they were not planned. have to find a solution on their own. She was sitting in his last term of class in the course of the day without incident. The class is is a film about cell biology. She was a starting point to get to sleep when she noticed a slight movement to his side. He turned his head to little and with the corner of his eye he saw the girl at his side hands rubbed up and down in his crotch. She wore a blue jeans and a tank top and her nipples were clearly visible. This n be a hot topic that rumors overnight. If only I could remember the name of the girl. It was very nice but very quiet. Brooke felt a stirring to masturbate on his way from the observation of this girl. Oh no, s the thought, now I will becool during the remaining period. She has been compressed down and his hand was on his jeans. Brooke could see hand how the material moves at a steady pace. Brooke felt her panties still wet. She lowered her head and watched as she s hand while he masturbated. Brooke turned her head more to get a better view. The girl had unzipped his pants and Brooke could see her underwear yellow ( very wet) and a clearer way the hand moves in and out of her pussy. Brooke caught a whiff of the smell of girls, and breathed deeply. Brooke asked why he had done something, eventually not be lesbians, doing what they are interested in what girls can smell ? This aroused For more questions in your head, but she did not answer. I could only to see how the girl walked faster, and then as an orgasm shook riddled his body. Quick Zip to the girl s of his jeans and looked about to see if anyone had experienced the erotic show. Brooke was, N , then remembered they were in a classroom. Girls do not trapped, Brooke thought, amazed. Within minutes, the class was, and Brooke rode the bus home, wet Preteen Sluts panties and all. For the moment, Brooke came through the door, went to change panties. Once this is done away, he called his best friend with Jamie to talk to the girl. "Hi Jen, I am. " " Hey Brooke, what's going on ? " " Now I have to tell an interesting story. I spent in of biology. " " What happened ? " Brooke Preteen Sluts Jen of events. At the other end of the line of Jamie Brooke 's story began to get back. At first I thought a friend of his s, but it sounded more and more convinced, as she continued. " Do you know who," asked Jamie. "No... it's very quiet, but very nice. The short hair, dark brown. About 5'3 " or 5'4 ". Today was wearing jeans and a shirt. " " I know you're talking about, but I can not name the face. This that actually made it ? "" Yes, and you do not fall into the trap. " N "I'd be so lucky. When I try what they mean in the shower did not brother comes in and ruins the mood. " " you masturbate ? " " Yes, is not it? " "no!" " Oh. I'm sorry, I did not say anything. " ", I say okay. About me. " "Well, you guessed it, is feels great.... and all that you want to say? " " Where you did " " as good as anywhere. in the shower in my bed in the living room, in the phone --- " " on the phone ? Who ? " " A couple of people. I masturbated once while on the phone with you, once. " " When and how you never hear me? " " was a couple of weeks and had just come Steve 's house. We was doing and he slid his hands on my shirt, and I was very excited. I got home, and that n is correct, if I was naked and ready, go. while you were talking I was masturbating, and said a few words each from time to time. If I had an orgasm, I groaned, but I just say, I drop the pto sharpen. " " Wow! It would be better to stop now. " " Why? "N " I'm starting to get wet again. " " were wet before? " " When I saw the girl masturbating, "she told Brooke. " You're a bad girl. The day in hell for you tonight. " " Why? "N ' Cause I do not masturbate. " Brooke laughed and said some other things before the end of the conversation. Brooke thought, maybe a shower help to cool. He had done before. But not much. Removed jeans and peeled out of the shirt. said he had sweated little. grabbed another pair of underwear, a clean pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and went its own bathroom. she was a few meters the bad as requested from your desk chair. that whimpered a little, stood up and realized, but his finger was bleeding. out in the bathroom and put her legs on the table in front of the mirror, so they could see the other side of the toe better. Brooke was looking for points in it,and, when vision is lost, and realized that s a very clear vision in her vagina in the mirror. At that time forgot all the toes. He removed his hand from his leg until he was at his side pussy. She slowly slid her panties aside. She took her leg below the bar and sat on the edge of the tub. He leaned forward and has a long look at her pussy. This was the first time ever was very detailed. Slowly began to probe delicate touching everything. He approached her clitoris, and gently touched him. He grimaced as he did so surprised by the sensation it caused. They did over and over again until it finally stopped. She opened the shower, sweat more now and began to rinse the hair. Brooke said that s nipples were hard, and the desire I had to play on the switch. Brooke , but the resistance, but she insisted. They also wanted to touching her pussy again and again, but did not. wasor fear of that may cause embarrassment to themselves. The more I thought about it masturbating the cornea was made ​​more difficult to resist. that s ready to wash and cut the water. Dried quickly, that Be sure to avoid the vagina and breasts. She referred to his new pair of panties, because I knew if they did, would have to change is a new pair before going to bed. Brooke spent the last hours before bedtime considered masturbation. weighed the pros and cons on several occasions, and even established and started to sliding a hand over his shorts, before it was disturbed by her sister, , I wanted to use your computer. His sister asked him why he smelled funny in in your room and Brooke responded simply, finished. "I'm using a new shampoo " is defined by s sister, Brooke was ready for bed. They moved to their nightgown, took off his shorts and put on his underwear. He turned to going on, but there was no sleep because of all the sexual energyThis was built into it. His hand moved on Preteen Sluts her lap, and when he began to move along and vagina. as its cunt took it, started to push up and down in his hand, and s not long before ' and ahhh'ing oooh'ing. " Brooke first orgasm s moaning so hard that his sister, Betsy, came to see what was happening. I was still trembling as her sister called her door. "n Brooke, are you okay? " ", Y- and-yes, I'm fine. " " Why were you moaning? " " I pushed my toe. " " Oh, ok, see you in the morning. " " Good night, little sister. "Brooke got into bed and fell into a deep sleep, exhausted. Chapter 2 Brooke woke up late and was still tired from the night before. They got n slowly dressed, but had no time for breakfast, so it fills an apple on the way out the door. was glad today was Friday, because which means that they see their friends after school, instead of straight home. sleptmore precisely in the first three classes. He wanted to rest so Preteen Sluts that they were able to stay awake in biology and think that the girl masturbate once again, and that Also could. Brooke managed to stay for lunch and the rest of their waking classes such as biology and approached could feel the emotion inside n it. I even felt a trickle of moisture in her underwear when she s thoughts about the girl. Then came the biology and Brooke found that he had is a substitute teacher, which means definitely a film for them. Suddenly, about five minutes into the film he asked the girl to use bathroom. Brooke was surprised. How can they dare to masturbate?, You mind. Although there s no real evidence that it was to masturbate, Brooke was sure that she was. He was fat and asked him to go to the bathroom. When s by hall to the bathroom, Brooke felt to spread moisture, and hoped she s wetenough to show through his pants. They look and see the bathroom. As he approached the bathroom door, she knew not listen all. It is expected that the girl had come to this room, but even if not, Brooke gave a good opportunity to see if it was a wet sample. He entered and saw a couple of feet in one place. have been the only pair. She was silent in the hope that if it was the girl, she s that can not intervene. She opened the door to the barn next to the par feet. A little touched, but quiet otherwise. Brooke pulled her pants and panties and sat down. She looked down. She was very wet and s almost transparent white panties. Suddenly they heard strong next breath. She knew she was the girl. Brooke was very quiet. Then came a soft cry of the child. Brooke called the wall. "Are you okay " " Yes," Oh, you scared me ! "" I'm sorry, are you okay ? " - I - I... " His voice trailed off. "Okay, I know what is dOink. " ", right? " " Yes, I saw you in class yesterday. " " Really? Sorry, I do not think anyone was watching. " The girl confessed to " No, well, it was fun to watch. What is your name? " " Alison. What is your name? " " Brooke. You know you got me so hot I had to masturbate yesterday afternoon. " " Is this good? " " Yes, I really liked it. It was my first time. " " I'm glad you liked it, but I have to say, I do not think anyone n observed. I feel very ashamed. " " do not know. Hey, why are we sitting here? I have to fix my makeup. Come to itself. "Brooke took her in his pants and left the barn. Alison a minute later came flying down and a button shirt buttoned n " your gear down and buttoned shirt is bad "Brooke informed. " Oh, thanks, "said Alison, his face reddening. pulled the zipper of his flight, and unbuttoned his shirt. Brooke looked at her breasts, said \\ \\ n were even. smaller than its size 36B Alison caught her eye and said, " Yes, Iwish they were bigger. Look, I'm still in my first bra n When I was 12. His form of shame. Even things sometimes. You see.. " Alison took her bra, revealing two small balls of tissue moved away, and threw them into the trash can is right Alison, Brooke believes that her breasts were small, their 11 age -. - sister had bigger breasts (though not much). n " Do you think someone would notice," Preteen Sluts said Alison, based on the tissue. \\ \\ n " probably not, nobody will say anything if they realize. "Alison has begun to nipples harden. " Wow, it's cold ! In my nipples, "said Alison. Alison, she moved bra , but her nipples were still evident. " I can not go to school with my nipples pushing ! "N " I " wait for that, " Brooke voluntarily. n " Soooo..... what bra size you wear? " said Alison. " 36B ". "Boy, I would kill for that size. " " Have you ever masturbated in front of the class? " " No, it was the first time. It was lot of fun. " " seemed. How long have you've been masturbating ? " " Since I was 12 years - 3 years. " " " " long? I was at home, sitting in my underwear, homework. I had an itch in my the leg and held out his hand to scratch with my pencil and I met with my clit my pencil. I pushed and had my first orgasm. The rest is history. " The two girls get wet. " good story. I had my time while I was dragging my bed. " " I bet it was good, however, is not it ? " " Oh, yes. My sister found me, because I was moaning. What are you doing n after school today? " " Go home, why ? " " If you want you can come to my house with my friend Jamie and me. " " I would, but.... "Alison thought it would be too cold to think after school let alone go to someone's house. I knew that you can Brooke go home, but would not be very good company to it is released. " But what ? "N " I do not think any of you know very well. " " Oh, that's fine, we hope to talk to another person. itreceives bored with the same two people every time. " " Well.... ok! I come from. " " Well, my friends, we can write to my house. Just meet from again in the parking lot of the students back through the fence. " " Ok. " " What are your nipples? " " better, thanks. " " I think it best at that time in the classroom. " " Ok, I think we can talk later. " " right. First, and I will get one or two minutes later. " " Ok. Bye for now. "Alison was. Brooke is better now that n Alison met and talked to her. Hoped Jamie would not mind if she had invited to Alison. Brooke realized that her panties were relatively dry and felt better. returned to the class, which already stretched in more than have a chance, Alison (and Jamie) would have to speak masturbation a little more. chapter 3 Jamie thanked his gear and then closed the door. the girls waved as the car away. Brooke took the keys from his pocket. opened the door and the three girls went up. Brooke closed the door of his room and bolted. They put their backpacks. " Have you ever heard of Sarah and Gina? " Jamie asked. " No, what happened? " Said Brooke. " They were captured during masturbation, which is the younger sister Gina. " " Really? " Brooke asked, amazed. Jamie nodded. The three girls gossip for a while and then the interesting conversation has begun. that talked about what has really turned on. Then developed a Truth or Dare. " Truth or Dare ? " Jamie directed his question to Alison. "truth. " " What makes the absolute most, I mean, you can enjoy your panties. " Preteen Sluts " masturbate when someone observes, or if a strange place. " " What about school ? "Brooke launched. " Exactly. " " Truth or Dare ? " Brooke asked Jamie. " Hmmm.... the truth. " "What is the strangest place you've masturbated ? " " Well, I swore I would never tell anyone this, but..... on the road to California..... I masturbated on the plane. I was soooo hot and I in theIt was bad and confusion that only better. Oh, well now look what have you done ! "Jamie was wearing a skirt that day. 's Legs parted s mounted her skirt to reveal a wet spot on his underwear. " Jamie, "said Brooke. " What are you doing? "Jamie was red and closed her legs. " Do it again, and I will fight for "Jamie began legs , easy to open, inviting her to nail Brooke. Brooke jumped to easily Jamie pushes. Jamie effort to free himself, but vain. the girls laughed. " This will teach you to spread my legs. "Brooke said triumphantly. She s left Jamie and straightened. Alison realized that n was extremely wet now show talk about masturbation, n little Jamie, not masturbation all day. " Truth or Dare ? " Alison said Jamie. " Dare. " " Are you sure? " "Yes ! " " Ok.... Take off your clothes. "Jamie was left open mouth, but she began to extraction. First the jersey, then the skirt, bra, and her panties. sat naked. " Truth or Dare ? " Jamie said Alison. "truth. " " Are you hot? " " Yes " All the girls smiled at this, knowing that they were all hot third \\ \\ n " Truth or Dare ? " Brooke smiled Jamie. " Oh, what the hell -. Dare to. " "Masturbation " eyes Jamie is wide, but his hand fell to his way, as she closed her eyes. He put a finger in your facility, and has thumb rubs her clit. She slipped in a second and began to pump slowly to first, then faster. Alison looked down and was not surprised to see way was soggy. He looked at Brooke, who had his hand on her n pants. Alison felt her chest and rubbed. He pressed hard. that full and kneaded her pussy. Jamie moaned and began to tremble. Brooke squeezed his eyes tightly and screamed. Alison felt her orgasm coming. that s was so wet dripping ass. She lifted her hips and came. That flooded her underwear and returned with more liquid. The three girls leaned back, exhausted. Whites Brooke left his stupor, he remembered where he was. rapidly sat. Jamie saw, who happened to be fingering her self, and then you look at Alison, whose pants were a darker color changed Blue in its path. The room was very humid and smelled very musk. Jamie Brooke played the first leg, and pulled his finger from her pussy s, and dried them on your side. Alison sat down too. " Brooke? " Alison asked, " Do you wear underwear you would think, I'm so wet? ". The three girls looked at his knee and laughed. " I'm going to a few, and I'll see if I can not find pants or something n " said Brooke. Jamie began his clothes back. N left Preteen Sluts his underwear, and for good reason, it was pretty wet, too. Alison undid his pants up her hips and pulled her along with his panties. Brooke was going through her ​​drawers and found a pair panties and shorts and threw them to Alison. Alison wasrelatively dry, so it slipped off her panties and shorts. Alison felt the head clear, as she masturbates. Brooke stripped of his pants and shorts n and changed. It was almost as wet as Alison. "We will continue the game," said Brooke. "Truth or Dare, Alison? " "truth. " " Have you ever been anything but a finger into her vagina, while masturbate? " N n "Only one marker. ? Truth or Dare nothing exciting, Jamie " Jamie smiled and said, "Dare ". "Sit in the bathroom naked, to see Brooke 's sister. " Jamie laughed and then removed. She went to the bathroom. After a minute, Brooke said: "I bet Jamie masturbate again. " " Probably," answered Alison. "It's good, but s it is safe. Sexy Thing too. " " I have the desire to masturbate, not just the thought of her there. Y they did on a plane! Do you imagine? " fact, Jamie was masturbating. I faced the same mirrors , Brooke had been found in thePrevious day.
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